Engineering case
High-concentration Brine Recycling

Project name: High-concentration Brine Recycling
Treatment capacity: 3600m3/d
Salt content of influent: mass fraction: 1%
Concentration of concentrated brine: 8%
Main equipment: KX high-concentration brine concentration device

Advantages of KEYSINO high-concentration brine recycling device:
● The device is specially designed for the high-salt wastewater that cannot be recycled easily and which contains high content of impurities such as inorganic salt, COD, organic matter or colloid
● Solid waste can be converted into useful resources so as to achieve resource utilization and reduce investment and operating cost
● The salt in the high-salt wastewater is recycled to achieve water recycling
● The problem that the high-concentration brine cannot be biochemically treated easily is settled
● The operation is easy and the equipment is compact and the working environment is safe
● Energy consumption and agent can be saved