Engineering case
Cephalosporin C Membrane Combination Extraction

Cephalosporin C, as the semi-synthetic Cephalosporins antibiotic raw material, has huge market demand. Traditional 7-ACA production process adopts frame to filter the Cephalosporin C fermentation liquor and the resin is used for absorption and desorption of Cephalosporin C salt which is dissolved for enzymolysis. KEYSINO adopts K/A series super ultrafiltration system and KS series spiral-wound membrane system to replace the traditional frame for filtration, which can improve the extraction rate of fermented products and significantly improve the product quality. The Process flow is shown as follows:

Technological advantage of KEYSINO:
● Shorten the Process flow;
● Extend the resin recovery cycle and service life;
● Reduce operating cost of enterprise;
● Significantly improve product quality;
● Greatly improve the product recovery rate;
● Improve the production efficiency of enterprise