Keysino was founded by one of the earliest professional team in China who utilizes membrane filtration as the core technology with over 20 years of technical experience in integrated membrane technology.

Magnesium Hydrate Cleaning Water Recycling and
KX microcrystal filtration device
Cephalosporin C Membrane Combination Extraction
Cephalosporin C, as the semi-synthetic Cephalosporins antibiotic raw material, has huge market demand. Traditional 7-ACA production process adopts frame to filter the Cephalosporin C fermentation liquor and the resin is used for absorption and desorption of Cephalosporin C salt which is dissolved for enzymolysis.
7-ACA waste alkali recycling
KX industrial waste alkali comprehensive utilization system
High-concentration Brine Recycling
The device is specially designed for the high-salt wastewater that cannot be recycled easily and which contains high content of impurities such as inorganic salt, COD, organic matter or colloid