Shanghai KEYSINO joins IE EXPO 2016 and its newly-developed dyeing and printing wastewater treatment and recycling technology draws public attention

The 17th IE EXPO was opened in Shanghai New International Expo Centre on May 5. As the most influential and top-quality environmental technology event, IE EXPO offers the cutting-edge technologies and latest solutions in the environmental pollution governance fields such as national first-class sewage treatment, resource recycling and utilization and environmental service industry.

Shanghai KEYSINO also actively participates in the expo and offers the latest dyeing and printing wastewater treatment and recycling technology and launches eight kinds of products related to project resource recycling for the first time, which include acid, alkali and lignin. Both of the activities have attracted the attention from the visitors, especially for the dyeing and printing wastewater treatment and recycling technology. In the expo, Shanghai KEYSINO’s exhibitors explain the procedures for the visitors patiently and provide suggestions for the visitors who are facing the difficulty in wastewater treatment.

If you are unable to attend the expo, don’t worry, you can visit KEYSINO’s website to share the new technologies!

Firstly, wastewater is processed through hydrolytic acidification to improve its biodegradability. Then the wastewater is discharged to anoxic pond for full denitrification and discharged to aeration tank for aerobic reaction. The generated mud mixture is overflowed into MBR pond to achieve mud and water separation. Then the produced water is delivered for antiosmosis deep purification treatment and the produced concentrated water can meet the discharge requirement and can be used for dyeing process.

Welcome to our booth in the expo to learn more information! The booth of Shanghai KEYSINO is No. 2363 Booth in N2 Pavilion. The end time of the expo is 4:00 p.m. on May 7. Looking forward to your visit.