Dyeing and printing wastewater treatment and recycling

China is a big textile country and China’s dyeing and printing industry is under very rapid development. During dyeing and printing process, a lot of water will be consumed and a lot of dyeing and printing wastewater will be discharged, with the discharge amount accounting for about 35% of the discharge amount of industrial wastewater. With high content of organic contaminants, the wastewater has dark colority, high content of alkaline and the water quality changes significantly, so that unauthorized discharge of wastewater without treatment will cause serious environmental pollution. With the issuance of new environmental protection law and the improvement of discharge standard, the original treatment technology of dyeing and printing wastewater cannot meet new requirements any more.

Features of KEYSINO dyeing and printing wastewater treatment technology:
● Take “hydrolytic acidification+ aerobic biotreatment+ MBR” as the main treatment technology
● Effluent quality is good and the COD, colority and salt content are significantly reduced
● Effluent quality is stable and the discharge amount of sludge is small
● After water is discharged from MBR into RO system, more than 35% of recycled water can be reused.
● As recycled water quality is good, the recycled water can be used in all procedures of dyeing and printing which can reduce the operating cost of enterprise
● Settle the problem that the wastewater cannot meet the discharge standard after the standard is improved

Application fields: be applicable to the dyeing and printing enterprises which have no sewage treatment facilities or which have sewage treatment facilities but the effluent quality of such facilities cannot meet new discharge standard.

Process Flow Diagram: