Industrial waste alkali recycling

In the fields such as food, medicine and chemical engineering, wastewater containing high-concentration alkali and high COD will be produced during the production. Due to higher concentration, the alkali cannot be directly processed by biochemical technique. Generally, the acid is used to neutralize the alkali and biochemical method is taken to reduce COD so as to ensure that the wastewater can meet the discharge requirement. During the above neutralization process, new salt will be produced; while the high-concentration salt will inhibit the biochemical reaction. As a result, the treatment of industrial waste alkali water has always been a big challenge for the enterprises.

Advantages of KEYSINO industrial waste alkali recycling device:
● The device is designed to recycle the high-concentration waste alkali water with high content of organic matter
● Solves the problem that wastewater is hard to be processed by biochemical method after adopting the neutralization technology to process alkali liquor
● Separate the organic matter and other impurities from the alkali waste water to recycle alkali and reduce the usage of new alkali solution
● Reduce the discharge of wastewater
● Produced water quality can meet national discharge standard
● Save the cost and investment

Applications: chemical enterprises, textile enterprises, dyeing and printing enterprises, pharmaceutical enterprises, food enterprises, biological enterprises and other enterprises that discharge the waste alkali. 

Process Flow Diagram: