Microcrystalline filtration

In the industry sectors that produce the solid precipitation chemical products such as magnesium hydrate and calcium carbonate by wet processing, during production process, the sedimentation, washing, separation and dehydration of solid products should be carried out during production process, so that a lot of solid products will be contained in the washing water. If the washing water is directly discharged, it will not only cause widespread pollution but also cause huge waste of resources. 

Microcrystalline filtration recycling technology:
According to the physicochemical characteristics of microcrystalline, with many years of research and engineering experience, Shanghai KEYSINO Separation Technology Inc has developed a kind of KX microcrystalline filtration recycling technology, boasting the following advantages:
● Effectively recycle the resources;
● Reduce environmental pollution;
● Reduce production cost;
● Achieve automatic control and easy operation.

Process Flow Diagram: