Industrial waste acid recycling

The acid wastewater sources are wide and the discharge capacity is large. The wastewater contains lots of suspended solids, metal ions and available acid, and direct discharge of wastewater can not only waste the resources but also pollute the environment, so that it is necessary to recycle the acid wastewater.

Advantages of KEYSINO acid wastewater recycling device:
● Reduce the usage of neutralization agent
● Separate the organic matter and metal ion from the wastewater
● The recycled acid can be used repeatedly which reduces the operating cost and investment
● Reduce the pollutant emission
● Produced water quality can meet national discharge standard
● Equipment, with high automation level, is simple and easy to operate
● Save energy, consumption and cost

Application fields: metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, biological enterprises, etc.

Process Flow Diagram: