High COD wastewater treatment

High COD wastewater has always been a difficult problem faced by industrial enterprises. With the issuance of new environmental protection law, the country strictly controls and manages the wastewater discharge and improves the discharge standard and whether the wastewater problem can be thoroughly settled has become a very important problem for the survival and development of enterprises.

For the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, it is inevitable to discharge the high-concentration wastewater during the process flow and the wastewater is featured by high content of salt, poor biodegradability and high difficulty in treatment.

KEYSINO adopts the membrane combination technology and vapour compression technology to achieve the resource and wastewater recycling and zero emission of contaminants.

Technology advantages:
● Thoroughly settle the problem of high-concentration wastewater discharge;
● Achieve the resourceful treatment of wastewater and achieve the recycling of resources such as water and salt;
● Achieve zero discharge of contaminants;
● Take less floor area;
● Process operation is stable;
● Achieve high automation level.

Process Flow Diagram: