About Keysino

Keysino – To Be The Most Professional Technology And Service Company For Industrial Fluid Treatment And Wastewater Reuse

Keysino was founded by one of the earliest professional team in China who utilizes membrane filtration as the core technology with over 20 years of technical experience in integrated membrane technology. The company has committed a long term focus on membrane filtration technologies, as well as other technologies which would provide energy-saving, clean production, and waste reutilization. Therefore, recovering valuable resources can be achieved from point source treatment.

Keysino believes in the win-win service principles: a mutual winning from the economic and environmental protection perspectives,and a mutual winning between the customer and Keysino. The company provides industrial users with solutions in energy
conservation, emission reduction and comprehensive waste utilization by conducting system process consultation, scheme design,equipment manufacturing, installation,commissioning and maintenance. We are serving many industries, such as petrochemical, steel manufacturing, metallurgy, textile, printing and dyeing, food processing, pharmacy, pulping and paper, and etc.

Keysino has more than 30 patents. In 2013-2015, the company was continuous awarded the honors of High-tech Enterprise, Shanghai Professional-Excellent-Special and New Enterprise, Shanghai “Little Giant” (Development) Enterprise. With a stable and continuous business growth, Keysino has been listed on NEEQ (National Equities Exchange and Quotations) since december 2015 and became a public company with new funds and driven forces for its future development.