Resource utilization of pulping and papermaking waste liquid

During the pulping and papermaking process, a lot of pulping waste liquid is generated, which contains a lot of alkali and high-concentration organic matters, thus becoming the high-concentration organic alkali wastewater that is hard to be processed. Discharge of such waste liquid will cause serious environmental pollution. At present, most of the pulping and papermaking waste liquid is discharged as waste or is used for heat recovery through incineration so as to achieve low quality recycling.

KEYSINO adopts KS pulping and papermaking waste liquid resource utilization system, which can not only reduce the potential pollution of paper pulp waste liquid but also purify the alkali and high-concentration organic matter in the waste liquid for recycling, so as to achieve 100% resource utilization, which can meet the environmental protection concept.

Technological characteristics of KS pulping and papermaking waste liquid resource utilization system:
● The extracted high-purity products have fewer impurities, which is conducive to deep processing and chemical modification
● The whole process requires no chemical agent so that no secondary pollution will be caused
● The isolated low molecular can be recycled and the added value is high
● The operating cost of system is low and the system is controllable and stable
● The system requires small floor area and low investment

Application fields: be applicable to the large-sized pulping and papermaking enterprises, viscose cotton pulp raw material production enterprises and lignin professional manufacturers.

Process Flow Diagram: